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We are a small firm providing professional and affordable support to our neighbors as they work through conflict together.

Mediation is…

  • A unique conflict resolution process that empowers participants and facilitates efficient communication.
  • A cost-effective approach that can address a much broader range of concerns and solutions than litigation.
  • A voluntary and confidential process that can produce lasting agreements.
  • Dependent on a desire and willingness to work with the other party to achieve success.
  • Guided by an impartial professional mediator who supports all parties to the conflict.

Our services


Mediation – Services include preparatory meetings with each party, facilitation of group discussions in person or via shuttle, and help in concluding agreements.


Conflict Coaching – Support is offered to individuals who are trying to manage an existing or potential conflict with others.


Meeting Facilitation – Having an impartial moderator can help ensure that contentious meetings remain respectful and stay on track to achieve their objectives. Examples include community town halls, strata meetings and employer-employee communications.


Workshops – Custom workshops are offered on topics including de-escalation skills and how to prepare for difficult conversations.


Examples of relationships whose conflicts we can help with

Landlord – Tenant


Small businesses and their clients



Community groups

Strata councils and their members

*Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with divorce, child custody and related family matters at this time.