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Ariel Goldenberg, Mediator – helping people to resolve conflicts together

Originally from Montreal, I moved to Calgary in 2002, where I completed a Masters degree in environmental studies. This led to a career in insurance and risk management where I had the opportunity to work with people in many diverse industries, cultures and countries.

From mining and aerospace, to food manufacturing and luxury yachts, a recurring theme in my career was the challenges people faced in navigating conflicts effectively. As a senior account manager, my role often demanded that I extend an empathic ear to clients, colleagues, brokers and consultants to better understand their perspectives, goals and motivation. This approach was critical in developing successful strategies and gaining support from parties who may initially have been at loggerheads.

When an opportunity arose to pivot in my career, I decided to focus more specifically on the area of collaborative conflict resolution. I enrolled and completed a certificate in Mediation at the Justice Institute of BC and have since joined Mediate BC’s Associate Civil Roster. I am now focused on developing and growing a community-based mediation service around my neighborhood in Vancouver.


Values that guide my work

  • A diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, and ideas enrich all of our lives. The effort required to understand and empathize with another’s perspective is a valuable investment that is always worth making.
  • Conflicts, like emotions, are an inescapable part of the human experience. Managing them effectively can enrich our lives and feed positive and lasting relationships.
  • Every single person has the inherent emotional and intellectual capacity to resolve their own conflicts in a positive way.
  • Forgiveness is a journey worth exploring. It can free you of the past, to focus with equanimity on the future.
  • Respect includes a recognition of one another’s humanity, worth and abilities, and a willing consideration of each other’s perspectives. It is a necessary element of all successful relationships.